Using the Netcare Launch Button

After setting up the Alberta Netcare Launch Button you’ll have an easier time accessing Alberta patient charts in Netcare.

The Short Version?

If it’s your first time logging into Netcare for the day the button will:
a) Launch the two factor login screen for AB Netcare
b) Pre-fill your username in the AB Netcare Login Screen
c) Load the patient chart in Netcare (if the AB PHN matches a patient in Netcare)

If you’ve already logged into Netcare for the day the button will:
a) Launch the AB Netcare Portal through Citrix
b) Load the patient chart in Netcare (if the AB PHN matches a patient in Netcare)


This set-up tutorial assumes you already have:
a) Set up the Alberta Netcare Launch Button
b) An Alberta Netcare Account (
c) An active AVA EMR account

The First Log-In (of the day) #

1) Log into your AVA EMR Account

2) Navigate to a patient chart

3) In the top left demographics panel you’ll see the Netcare Launch Button beside the patients healthcare number.
– only Alberta PHNs work with the Launch Button – non-Alberta healthcare numbers will need to be copied/pasted into Netcare manually
– if the patient has an Alberta PHN and you only see the “copy” icon you probably need to go back and set up the Netcare Launch Button

4) Click on the launch button – this will launch a new browser tab (or window)

5) If this is the first time you’ve logged into Netcare today you’ll need to sign in with your username and FOB token. If you’ve already signed into Netcare for the day you’ll be skipped to the next step.

6) Your browser will download a file. Depending on your browser this will either create a new dialogue box (in FireFox), a new download tab at the bottom (Chrome) or a permissions request (Safari).

7) Depending on how your browser handles downloaded files you should either click on “Open With: Citrix Workspaces” if a dialogue box pops up or click on the downloaded file (in Chrome this is in the bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen.
– if your computer says “this file type is not recognized” (or something similar) you may need to install Citrix Receiver. This is covered in the Set Up the Netcare Launch Button article.

8) This will launch the Alberta Netcare Portal. Keep the “Citrix Receiver” tab open in your browser (or minimize the window if it popped up in a separate window). Click on the AVA tab to go back to the EMR.

9) You should have seen the Alberta Netcare Portal open in a separate window. Your username should be pre-populated. Fill in the password to fully log into Netcare.

10) (optional) If you work at multiple sites Netcare will ask you which site you’re currently working at. Netcare will skip this step if you only work at a single location.

11) Once you’re logged in Netcare will find the PHN and take you to the correct chart in Netcare!

Subsequent Logins (in the same day) #

1) After you’ve logged in the first time Netcare keeps an active “session” on your computer. You won’t have to perform all the same steps in order to get patient charts up in Netcare.

You may (or may not) have to log into step 9 from above again. Depending on how long it was since you last interacted with Netcare it may log you out of the portal. This guide assumes that you are still logged in with an active session.

2) Navigate to a new chart in AVA EMR. Click the Netcare Launch Button.

3) If you’ve left the “Citrix Receiver” tab open (see step 8 from above) you’ll see your web browser download another file. This will either be a pop up dialogue (in FireFox), a bar on the bottom of the screen (in Chrome) or a new file in your Downloads folder (in Safari).

4) Either open the file (in FireFox), click the bottom bar (in Chrome) or click the downloaded file (in Safari).

Downloaded file from Safari. Click to launch the Netcare Portal.

5) You’ll see the Citrix Netcare Portal change to the new patient chart

6) To go back to AVA EMR click the “AVA EMR” tab again. Leave the “Citrix Receiver” tab open for the next time you need Netcare.

7) If you didn’t keep the “Citrix Receiver” tab open don’t fret! When you click on the Netcare Launch Button AVA will create a new tab in your browser.

Logging Out of Netcare #

It’s good practice to log out of services after using them – although AVA (and other services like Netcare) automatically log out if there isn’t recent activity, there’s still a chance a malicious user could use your account before the automatic log out occurs.

There’s a few ways to log out from Netcare.

AVA Mediated Logging Out #

1) AVA will automatically trigger a Netcare logout if you log out of AVA after clicking a Netcare Launch Button. When you select Sign Out (or if your session times out and AVA automatically logs you out) it sends a message to the Netcare Portal tab.

2) You’ll see that a new “Citrix Receiver” downloads to your computer (see step 7 from above). If you click on this it will tell Citrix to log you out from Netcare.

3) You should see the “Log In” screen for Netcare if AVA successfully logged you out of Netcare.

Logging Out from the Netcare Portal #

1) You can also log out from Netcare from inside the Netcare portal.

2) When you’re logged in click the “Logout” button on the top right side. This will take you back to the “Log In” screen.

Need More Help? #

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