Stuck on a legacy EMR?

The AVA Data Migration Team has your back.

AVA Data Migration Roadmap

Book an Export.

While your legacy EMR provider is packaging up some test data we’ll get your paperwork started. We’ll guide you through the lab, fax and billing integrations. We can also help update your PIA.

Run a Test.

The AVA team will import the data into a test server. We’ve got a checklist to help you check that all the migrated data looks good.

Schedule the Migration.

Once you’re happy with the test output we’ll work with your legacy EMR to get a date. For most clinics we can get you up and running overnight once we have the data extract.

Run it Live.

We’ll run the same algorithm we ran in the tests to make sure the data transfers as expected. You can actually use AVA EMR while the data is being imported.

Large Clinic?

We’ve migrated large (> 16 MD) clinics and have worked through strategies to reduce the amount of “in between” time clinics this size can experience.

Data Migration by the Numbers

10 Clinics

Over 6 months we’ve migrated data for 10 clinics ranging in size from 1 to 16 MDs.

47 MDs

47 MDs have liberated their data from legacy systems since AVA first launched.

80 000 Patients

Since it’s inception mid 2020, the AVA Data Migration Algorithm has transferred > 80 000 patient records.

5 Legacy EMRs

Wolf, Accuro, MedAccess and PS Suite. We’ve got you covered not matter which EMR you need to move from.

4 GB/hr per Server

Yes, we’re nerds. By making the algorithm thread safe and idempotent we can safely run parallel servers to get your data into AVA ASAP.

Let AVA Ease Your Migration Woes.

Each clinic is unique – we get it because we’re clinic owners too! We’d love to connect to build a data migration strategy that works for you.

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