The AVA Data Migration Roadmap.

Book an Export.

While your legacy EMR provider is packaging up some test data we’ll get your paperwork started. We’ll guide you through the lab, fax and billing integrations. We can also help update your PIA.

Run a Test.

The AVA team will import the data into a test server. We’ve got a checklist to help you check that all the migrated data looks good.

Schedule the Migration.

Once you’re happy with the test output we’ll work with your legacy EMR to get a date. For most clinics we can get you up and running overnight once we have the data extract.

Run it Live.

We’ll run the same algorithm we ran in the tests to make sure the data transfers as expected. You can actually use AVA EMR while the data is being imported.

Large Clinic?

We’ve migrated large (> 16 MD) clinics and have worked through strategies to reduce the amount of “in between” time clinics this size can experience.

Data Migration by the Numbers.

80 Clinics

We’ve migrated data for 80 clinics ranging in size from 1 to 16 MDs.

900+ Users

Over 900 users have liberated their data from legacy systems since AVA first launched.

311 000 Patients

Since it’s inception mid 2020, the AVA Data Migration Algorithm has transferred > 311 000 patient records.

5 Legacy EMRs

Wolf, Accuro, MedAccess and PS Suite. We’ve got you covered no matter which EMR you need to move from.

4 GB/hr per Server

Yes, we’re nerds. By making the algorithm thread safe and idempotent we can safely run parallel servers to get your data into AVA ASAP.

Let AVA Ease Your Migration Woes.

Each clinic is unique – we get it because we’re clinic owners too! We’d love to connect to build a data migration strategy that works for you.


  • "AVA is very user friendly and is easy to learn. I have worked on other EMRs in the past but have found AVA to be the best. It is easy to navigate and its functionality is great. Mike and Matt are very approachable and helpful."

    Dr. Navaid Husain Family Doctor
  • "AVA is an excellent platform to work on. as It’s straightforward, user friendly and easy to navigate. Both Mike and Matt have been so approachable and helped us learn and become comfortable with it right from day one!"

    Zeba Husain Manager - Care Medical Clinics Calgary
  • "AVA is exactly what I had been looking for. Imagine an EMR designed for doctors by doctors who know what we do all day! The migration process was smooth and the ease with which all the doctors learnt how to use the system made switching easy. The ability to text patients from the EMR saves the staff the game of phone tag, and being able to fax referrals once you have done them also means they go as soon as they are ready. I have even been able to write up some charts on my phone whilst waiting at the dentist."

    Urfi Sulaiman Care@Market Mall and Care@Sage Hill
  • "I am a provisional psychologist and have been enjoying AVA immensely. It has allowed my case note writing to be more efficient and effective. Given that many of my clients have no fixed address, the ability to text them has been useful and resulted in less no shows to appointments."

    Randi Sager MA, Psychology - The Mustard Seed
  • "AVA has opened up opportunities for our interprofessional clinic to store our complex health files. By serving vulnerable clients through psychology, occupational therapy, social work, nursing, and physician services, we assist them in multifacited ways that requires a dynamic platform capable of handling a variety of different, and changing, needs. AVA has significantly improved our workflow and our collaboration, positively impacting the health of our clients."

    Samantha Lowe, MSc Health and Wellness Manager
  • "Our previous EMR provider was over 4x the monthly cost compared to AVA and was previously our second biggest overhead expense. We were also using a separate service for secure patient messaging and online appointment bookings. AVA integrated all of these features into a single platform, and made it easy to migrate a decade’s worth of patient records into their platform. We wouldn’t hesitate to switch to AVA again."

    Dr Mike Kapusta Family Doctor - Charles Clark Health Clinic
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