The Story of AVA.

- built by family doctors -

Other EMRs didn't meet our needs.

Traditional EMRs are customizable but complex; capable but clumsy.

Pricing information was opaque. Quotes conveniently left out standard features.

Restrictive contracts and trapped patient health data make big EMRs unattractive.

The big guys seemed focused on corporate interests… not on producing an effective EMR.

None of the EMRs felt like they understood medicine or our workflows.

We built something better.

Born in Practice.

We launched a beta test of AVA EMR in our own clinic. Each feature has a purpose.

Endlessly Refined.

Over a period of 38 months we refined every view, action and workflow process.

Bound By Ethics.

AVA is owned and operated by physicians. We’re responsible to you – not to shareholders or board members.

Technology focus

Patient Portals are the future (looking at you CFP). We’ve got you covered.

Transparent Pricing.

Use whatever features your clinic needs for one cost. We don’t make you negotiate to get a fair deal.

  • Matt Henschke, MD CCFP
    Matt Henschke, MD CCFP CEO, Lead Developer

    Hi! I’m a family doctor that also happens to like computer programming. When I co-opened Britannia Medical Clinic I found that none of the EMRs would help us build the type of clinic we wanted to open.

    While we were sorting through the red-tape of opening a family practice I worked on an EMR that would make our lives easier and (hopefully) empower our patients. Two years later I think we’ve got something worth writing home about.

  • Mike Forseth, MD CCFP
    Mike Forseth, MD CCFP COO, Co-Founder

    Matt and I joined forces in 2016 when we found that current EMRs are clumsy and overpriced.  We wanted a system that streamlined our work  and empowered our patients.  To improve care we need to coordinate and communicate with our patients + colleagues efficiently.  This is AVA.

    I want my work day to be more efficient so I can spend more mindful time with family and more time doing the things I love.  If you ever want to grab a coffee and discuss how we can help your clinic run more efficiently, just get in touch!

Medicine is hard enough. You deserve a better EMR.

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