The Story of AVA.

- built by family doctors -

  • Matt Henschke, MD CCFP
    Matt Henschke, MD CCFP CEO, Lead Developer, Co-Founder

    Hi! I’m a family doctor that also happens to like computer programming. When I co-opened Britannia Medical Clinic I found that none of the EMRs would help us build the type of clinic we wanted to open.

    While we were sorting through the red-tape of opening a family practice I worked on an EMR that would make our lives easier and (hopefully) empower our patients. Two years later I think we’ve got something worth writing home about.

  • Mike Forseth, MD CCFP
    Mike Forseth, MD CCFP CMO, Co-Founder

    Matt and I joined forces in 2016 when we found that current EMRs are clumsy and overpriced.  We wanted a system that streamlined our work  and empowered our patients.  To improve care we need to coordinate and communicate with our patients + colleagues efficiently.  This is AVA.

    I want my work day to be more efficient so I can spend more mindful time with family and more time doing the things I love.  If you ever want to grab a coffee and discuss how we can help your clinic run more efficiently, just get in touch!

  • Chris Lashmar
    Chris Lashmar Software Developer

    I am a software developer with over 25 years experience developing, maintaining and enhancing both large integrated enterprise solutions and smaller scale custom solutions. 

    Prior to joining Ava, I worked for a short period on a health project that helped me develop some appreciation of the challenges facing the Alberta health care system with collecting, managing and using the data. The Ava design principles and architecture are fundamental to overcoming these challenges. I am excited to be part of a project that should improve physician work experience, provide patients with more information about their health, provide patients with more control over their own data, enable better data flow between different health service providers, and provide higher quality and more comprehensive data for research.

  • Evan Hu
    Evan Hu COO

    I am a serial entrepreneur driven by the mission of  “good health for everyone”. AVA is designed and developed to make everyone’s life a little better, from a patient centric design to simple and elegant health professional user experience. This is just the start of the AVA journey as we introduce integrated virtual care, 3rd party application integration including machine learning driven diagnostics and big data analytics.

  • Ainslie Velthoen
    Ainslie Velthoen Software Developer, Support

    I am a science graduate from the University of Calgary whose interest in innovation and passion for programming led me to AVA. Since starting off as an intern I have helped our customers use the software, written articles for our Academy, and worked on the code base. Connecting with customers and listening to their experiences has helped shape the way I approach development. AVAs great product and team make it a pleasure to work here.

  • Ben Chu
    Ben Chu CTO

    I am an epidemiologist turned software developer. As an epidemiologist I analyzed data on provincial disease surveillance systems and cancer screening systems and discovered a passion for computer science. I have since nurtured a career in software building web apps in the education and finance sectors. 

    I am thrilled to join the AVA team as a lead developer, drawing on my experience in both public health and software development.

  • Roland (Rollie) Tremblay
    Roland (Rollie) Tremblay Privacy Expert

    Working with AVA’s onboarding process. I will ensure you will have a seamless and successful migration experience.  My background as a project management professional (PMP) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) provides unique insight to the complexity and intricacies of protecting patient data. 

    As my picture would indicate, I’ve been around for a lot of years. And with it, a lot of experience in coordinating and supporting the efforts of over 70 medical clinics with their EMR and networks, including PCNs. My previous experiences at the University of Calgary as the Faculty of Medicine’s IT Security Officer and many years of business management both domestically and abroad provide seasoned professionalism to our valued clients.

  • Isabella Pilz
    Isabella Pilz Designer, Customer Support Analyst

    I am a graduate from the Alberta University of the Arts, with a major in character design and a minor in animation. Since graduating I have been looking to pivot into UI/UX design and software development, and AVA has provided me with a wonderful environment to grow into these new skills.

    While I am still learning, I am primarily working on providing customer support. I enjoy solving problems and hope that I can bring some ease to the busy and stressful lives of doctors and clinic staff by helping them explore our product!

  • Alvin Lin
    Alvin Lin Software Developer

    I am a junior full-stack web developer with a background in real estate accounting and psychology. I first became interested in programming as a tool to automate part of my accounting workflows. This interest became a passion after realizing how powerful programming can be to facilitate workflows in various industries.

    I am excited to be part of the AVA team and utilize my skills to help doctors and other health professionals around the globe facilitate their workflows so that they can spend more time on what matters more.

  • Robyn Davey
    Robyn Davey Integration Manager

    I have 30+ years of business process optimization and project management experience. My passion is helping startup companies start up. I help to define business processes and automations that prepare companies for growth. Ava is an exciting company with a great group of people to work with.

  • Leo Zhang
    Leo Zhang Project Coordinator

    I am a former Apple expert, who has developed my technological skills to help customers and businesses see what lies ahead while using technology. Having led a team of technicians and product specialists, I have experienced how technology can enrich people’s lives. I have also ventured into the IT industry as a project and procurement coordinator, creating new solutions to overcome common challenges.

    I am a car enthusiast who likes to travel and discover new points of view in this ever-growing world.

    I am excited to learn and grow at AVA, and use my knowledge to help health professionals find better solutions for their day-to-day operations.

  • Grace Ndumbi
    Grace Ndumbi Customer Support Analyst

    I am a trained Medical Office Assistant with a passion for customer satisfaction, patient care and problem-solving.  I have over 11 years of experience working on different EMRs as well as maintaining an efficient workflow between physicians, staff and their patients. I am thrilled to be a part of the Ava team and look forward to helping our customers by finding solutions according to their needs.

  • Melissa Metz
    Melissa Metz Customer Support Analyst

    Hi! I’m a graduate nurse with experience in busy hospitals and clinics, and I love using that knowledge to help shape AVA to improve the physician/nurse work experience and overall optimization of workflow. The intuitive nature and ease of this EMR truly allows for the highest-level of patient care to be provided!
    I find it exciting to help our customers use and explore the product, and find great satisfaction in writing AVA Academy articles.
    I also work as a surgical assistant, an IV nurse at a naturopathic office, as well as a yoga instructor to competitive athletes. My most important and fulfilling role is mother to my wonderful almost-teenager. In my (limited) spare time my passion is to cook and restore antique furniture.

  • Sukhman Babra
    Sukhman Babra Operations and Marketing Analyst

    I am a graduate of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary with an interest in tech. After beginning as an intern, working at Ava has developed better comprehension and increased passion for digital health, which I had otherwise not well understood. Transitioning to working at Ava full-time has been an absolute pleasure by picking up responsibilities including marketing, operations, and accounting. I look forward to being a part of Ava’s journey of providing better health outcomes to both healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Rhonda Blair
    Rhonda Blair Customer Success Manager

    I have always been passionate about what makes for a positive human interaction in any given situation.  This curiosity and interest allowed me to run a successful corporate event management business and volunteer extensively in unique and memorable community projects.

    After a brief hiatus to focus on raising a family, I am excited to have returned to the workforce with Ava.  Together with our talented team, I take great pride in ensuring a positive experience for each of our customers .

  • Sean Stephenson
    Sean Stephenson VP Sales + Marketing

    I joined Ava in May of 2022 bringing with me 17 years of EMR sales experience. Early in those years I was involved in clinics transitions from paper to EMR and later helping them adopt new features to help their practices become more efficient with the changing times. I am excited to continue helping clinics and physician continue their EMR journey away from the outdated programs and onto Ava. I have recently re-located to Calgary from Vancouver BC where I still spend some of free time exploring the coast on my sailboat.

  • Rob Bevis
    Rob Bevis Advisor, BC Market
  • Sarah Ohu
    Sarah Ohu Customer Support Analyst, Implementation

Traditional EMRs are customizable but complex; capable but clumsy.

Pricing information was opaque. Quotes conveniently left out standard features.

Restrictive contracts and trapped patient health data make big EMRs unattractive.

The big guys seemed focused on corporate interests… not on producing an effective EMR.

None of the EMRs felt like they understood medicine or our workflows.

We built something better.

Born in Practice.

We launched a beta test of AVA EMR in our own clinic. Each feature has a purpose.

Endlessly Refined.

Over a period of 38 months we refined every view, action and workflow process.

Bound By Ethics.

AVA is owned and operated by physicians. We’re responsible to you – not to shareholders or board members.

Technology focus

Patient Portals are the future (looking at you CFP). We’ve got you covered.

Transparent Pricing.

Use whatever features your clinic needs for one cost. We don’t make you negotiate to get a fair deal.

Medicine is hard enough. You deserve a better EMR.


  • "AVA is very user friendly and is easy to learn. I have worked on other EMRs in the past but have found AVA to be the best. It is easy to navigate and its functionality is great. Mike and Matt are very approachable and helpful."

    Dr. Navaid Husain Family Doctor
  • "AVA is an excellent platform to work on. as It’s straightforward, user friendly and easy to navigate. Both Mike and Matt have been so approachable and helped us learn and become comfortable with it right from day one!"

    Zeba Husain Manager - Care Medical Clinics Calgary
  • "AVA is exactly what I had been looking for. Imagine an EMR designed for doctors by doctors who know what we do all day! The migration process was smooth and the ease with which all the doctors learnt how to use the system made switching easy. The ability to text patients from the EMR saves the staff the game of phone tag, and being able to fax referrals once you have done them also means they go as soon as they are ready. I have even been able to write up some charts on my phone whilst waiting at the dentist."

    Urfi Sulaiman Care@Market Mall and Care@Sage Hill
  • "I am a provisional psychologist and have been enjoying AVA immensely. It has allowed my case note writing to be more efficient and effective. Given that many of my clients have no fixed address, the ability to text them has been useful and resulted in less no shows to appointments."

    Randi Sager MA, Psychology - The Mustard Seed
  • "AVA has opened up opportunities for our interprofessional clinic to store our complex health files. By serving vulnerable clients through psychology, occupational therapy, social work, nursing, and physician services, we assist them in multifacited ways that requires a dynamic platform capable of handling a variety of different, and changing, needs. AVA has significantly improved our workflow and our collaboration, positively impacting the health of our clients."

    Samantha Lowe, MSc Health and Wellness Manager
  • "Our previous EMR provider was over 4x the monthly cost compared to AVA and was previously our second biggest overhead expense. We were also using a separate service for secure patient messaging and online appointment bookings. AVA integrated all of these features into a single platform, and made it easy to migrate a decade’s worth of patient records into their platform. We wouldn’t hesitate to switch to AVA again."

    Dr Mike Kapusta Family Doctor - Charles Clark Health Clinic
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