Nickel-and-diming is for telephone companies.

- one price - no minimum term - includes every feature -

You deserve better. Seriously, check out this feature set.

Feature AVA EMR The Big Guys The Other Guys
Mobile Charting
Mobile Billing and Lab Review
Lab and AHS Billing Integration
Private Invoices
Email Reminders
Matrix PDF Management
EHR Patient Portal
Patient messaging, Labs, Appointments,
Vitals upload, Consult updates and more!

Works like it should.


Technically yes. Functionally no.


Not available (or buy an add-on).

Pricing so simple it can fit on one screen.

No tricks, just freedom.

$200 / mo

Full time providers (MDs, NPs, Physio)

$150 / mo

Part time ( 0.4 FTE or less) practitioner.

$0 / mo

Office staff, students and residents. We think teaching should be encouraged.

$0 to Get Started

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you… without a start-up cost.

Escape the Past

Teleco charging an arm and a leg to transfer data? Call us for incentive pricing.

No Fancy Hardware

No servers required. Requirements: internet and a web browser.

There may be a fee to migrate data from your current EMR to AVA EMR. Once we know what's involved for your clinic we'll get you a guaranteed quote so there aren't any surprises.

Essentials Included.

Patients expect online booking, appointment reminders and patient portals. Unlike the other EMRs we include everything in our base fee.

Minimum Terms are Lame.

We want you to use AVA EMR because it’s the best, not because we’ve locked you into a contract. We’re not a telephone company pretending to be a healthcare company.

New Clinic?

We run a clinic too – we understand how tight cashflow can be in the first year. Use AVA EMR with no start up cost and no minimum term contract.

When we opened our own clinic we got a few quotes.

EMR Feature Them (/mo). AVA EMR (/mo).
6 Physicians $1800 $1800
5 Staff $150 $0
Appt. Reminders (28/doc/day) $1176 ($0.35 / appt) $0
Patient Portal $594 $0
Online Booking $115.50 $0
Patient Messaging $149.70 $0
All Items $3985.20 $1800.00

AVA EMR can reduce your EMR costs by 54%.

If we've piqued your interest but you're not the clinic owner or manager we'd still love to hear from you. Get in touch with us and we'll do the rest.

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