AVA EMR does everything your current EMR does... better.

Notes, histories, scripts and referrals - all in one screen.

Drag & Drop. Chart/print anything from the scheduler.

Task Management.
Update the chart, bill and reassign tasks in one window.

Alberta Health + Private Invoicing.

Get eLabs from CLS. See your clinical notes. One screen.

Check out our simple interface


Here's how we're a bit different.

Healthcare (still) runs on faxes.

So we’ve got you covered. eFax everything from AVA EMR. You can actually fax that referral while the patient is still sitting in front of you.

Patient messaging.

Ever wondered how many voicemails get missed? Too many. You can message patients directly and get notified if they don’t check it. We’ve closed the loop.

Online booking.

Flexible online booking. Only want your rostered patients booking? Done. Have some same-day slots that any clinic patients can book in? That’s done too.

Hosted in the cloud, highly secure

Check labs, bill and chart anywhere on our HIA and OIPC compliant platform.  Highly secure without the pain of servers and complex hardware.

Happy staff = Happy doctors.

AVA EMR was tested by our staff in our own family clinic. Countless iterations later we’ve built something our staff actually likes using.

AVA Connect.

AVA Connect is an industry leading patient portal. Patients can input vitals, view results, receive messages and book online.

We've added a few things that make our lives easier.

Simple Metrics.
You build your practice - we build useful dashboards.

Customize for your practice. Change any time.

Form Management.
Don't wait for us. Upload any PDF + attach eLabels.

Flexible Reports.
Leverage your data to improve your practice.

Clinic Management.
Manage your entire clinic from a single screen.

Design philosophy.

Our design philosophy is pretty simple.

We think you should be able to get 90% of your work done within two screens.

We’d love to show you how the AVA Design Philosophy can help your workflow.

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